Wednesday, January 9, 2008

HAPPY 2008!

2008...where have the years gone? Seems like I just got used to writing 2007 and I'm sure every year from now on will fly.

We had a wonderful trip to Iowa, we were able to see extended family and spend quality time with mom and dad. My mom discovered Nathan's new tooth...we don't put our fingers in his mouth so we had no idea, but as soon as we entered the doorway, Grandma had to check the babies for teeth and she found one!

We finally got the gate up between the living room and dining room so we can corral the kiddos to get housework done. Nathan and Karly are so close to crawling, Anna is now pulling herself to standing position on most items she can find sturdy enough. Nathan is now in his big boy car seat as he's over 22 pounds. Nathan has been listening closely to Karly and is now saying Da Da. I'm thinking Anna will start with Ma Ma (wishful thinking, huh?).

I've attached some pictures taken since the last posting, hope you enjoy! One is of Karly in the car seat going with Grandma and me shopping and Nathan and Anna saying good-bye. The picture of Nathan smiling is priceless, I don't feel like I get many with him showing his true colors, he really is the happiest baby. You can see Anna behind the gate, she is sitting where it opens...she goes straight for that area when we're near. Nathan in his big boy car seat, still rear facing until a year old. In the one of my mom and Anna, I think they look very similar.

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Multiples in Iowa said...

Hi guys!! They are getting so big!! What a bunch of cuties!! They are at such a fun age, I miss it. Thanks for the update!!

Katie and the girls