Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're 11 months old!

Who's ready for spring? I know we are! We do manage to get out on the 50 degree days but it'd be nice if it was a bit warmer. The kids are doing great; crawling, pulling up to stand, cruising, and Anna is experimenting with standing alone. Nathan is getting his top two teeth, the girls still just have the bottom two. We are slowly getting them on table food, it's so hard making sure they get all their fruits and vegetables. We've managed to stay pretty healthy this winter, the kids are dealing with runny noses and coughs now but it could be a lot worse. The girls are "trying" to talk, Karly says ball and Anna says Apollo (our dog's name). We got a mama out of Karly the other day, but it's a rare occasion to have it happen again. Darnit!

Travis is still pluggin' away at school. He got a part time job as a Park Ranger for the summer so he'll be working the days I'm off. He is in need of more adult contact, which I can't blame him. My work in the ER is going great, I really like everyone I work with and I love the idea of not knowing what my day will entail when I get there. We've started working out at the YMCA, they have a daycare so the kids go about 3x/week, it's nice to get back into the fitness mode.

We're working on the kiddos birthday party for next month, I can't believe they're going to be a year old, wow how time flies. Here are some photos from the last posting. We got a quad stroller and choo choo wagon and love them (thanks for the recommendation Kristi)!!!


Kristi said...

Hi Jenny!
Oh, the kiddos look GREAT!! They are so cute! I can't believe they are almost 1~ time really does just fly by, it's scary how fast it goes. Glad you & Travis are also doing good. Are you ready for spring? I know crazy question=)
You got a QUAD! I think you'll really like it. I am jealous you got a choo choo wagon also, we really want one & may get one this spring/summer. It'd be nice for walks outside, the quad is good inside, but we need something else for outside... when they aren't walking. Do you love the wagon?
Thanks for the update! Take care & Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

They are more adorable with each passing day! Can't wait to see them again.


Aunt Deb

Heather said...

Hey you guys the kids are so cute Kayleena and I are looking at the pictures now and she keeps on talking about remember this remember that when we had last seen them. Will someone keep her quite (shes still talking)Ha! just wait when all three of them do that holy moly Just kidding. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have them I love them to death. Hope to see you guys soon

Love Heather