Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WE'RE 1 YEAR OLD, finally!

April 16th came and went but it'll be a day we'll never forget. The weather was perfect, the kids were in good moods, we had WONDERFUL company (25 of them), and the food was great! Who could ask for a better 1st birthday? Thanks to: Aunt Deb for helping with the meat and for all of your creative ideas; Uncle Dave for riding around for 2 hours with Trav and Dad so the kids could get their naps; to Mom and Dad for EVERYTHING you do, just having you here is a joy; to Shannon, Cindy, Mandi, and Ang for feeding the kids and getting everything cleaned up; to everyone else that was there, for your support, nice gifts, and wonderful company.

The kids had their year check up and are doing fantastic. Nathan is 23 pounds, Karly is 19 pounds, and little Anna is 17 pounds. They are officially off formula and baby food...what a relief. They love to feed themselves, hardly take anything off the spoon anymore. Everyone is in their own crib and sleeping at least 12 hours a night. HOW DID WE GET SO LUCKY? Let's hope this next year is just as great! The kids' personalities are so prominent and very individualized. Karly is the funny one, with her facial expressions and body movements, she can make anyone break out in laughter. Nathan is such a boy, from his grunting and to his physique he truly takes after daddy! :) And Miss Anna is just sweet as can be, her smile lights up the room and will cuddle with almost anyone...okay, not many people but mommy and daddy...we're hoping that changes, SOON!

Over the past year we have had so many wonderful memories with the kids and continue to feel very honored that our kids chose us to be their parents. We thank EVERYONE who helps us out weekly, to those who give us handy me downs, to those who give Trav and I our much needed date night, and to anyone and everyone who loves them, hugs them, and kisses them...our kids are very lucky to have such a great family and circle of friends, as are we!

I will try to continue to update monthly, if at any time you are needing a baby fix I can send photos via email. Take care of yourself and enjoy the pics I've uploaded here. Anna is sitting on the top of their new slide; Nathan and Anna are sitting at their new picnic table; Anna and Daddy are exhausted after a day of fun; and the "cake" pictures.

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Kristi said...

Hi Jenny~
Sounds like everyone is doing just awesome~ that is great! The kiddos are just too adorable! I'm glad everything is going so well for you guys. It continues to just get better~ have fun! Are you ready for summer & playing outside?
Take Care,