Friday, May 30, 2008

We're Moving...AGAIN!!!

Yes, we're moving, again! Two weeks ago we received a letter from our landlord stating he would be occupying the residence as of September 1st. We were so upset! We were planning on staying in this house until Travis finished school next August. But, things turned out for the better and we bought a great house with plenty of room to grow in. We're planning on closing June 23rd as long as everything goes good with the inspections. I've attached a photo of the outside. It's 4 bedroom, two bath, 2 car garage, fenced in back yard, and partially finished basement. So, Nathan will have his own room and the girls will share a room...for now.

Nathan and Anna are walking everywhere. Nathan doesn't like to be held anymore now that he's on the move. He's getting so big, it's hard to lug him around too long. Karly will hold onto your finger and walk just fine but when you let go she's immediately to her knees to crawl. She just needs some confidence and she'll be off like the other two.

Not much else to update you with. We've been enjoying the weather, taking daily walks or bike rides. The kids are so funny now they constantly have us cracking up about something.

I've been terrible about taking photos, here's a few from the past month.

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