Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I cannot believe our babies are 6 months old already. Seems like forever ago that I had them but yet it seems like yesterday we brought them home. Every day I feel so grateful to have such wonderful children. They are all healthy, happy, and love to eat! (wonder who they got that from) The babies are eating all fruits, veggies, and meat (baby food, of course). The laundry has doubled now with all the wash cloths and bibs. Recently, we added a third crib to their room, which is so nice, now the girls aren't waking each other up from all the rolling and scooting they do.
Since my last blog we had a new addition to our family. Travis' sister, Tracey, had a baby girl, Mary. She looks like Karly, let's hope she doesn't have her attitude! The babies also met their new friend, Aidan, my godson. He currently lives in Washington state, hopefully one day he'll be closer.

We moved to Quincy the end of August. Moving here has been such a good decision for us, although it was a very tough one. We have so much help; from family to friends, everyone is willing and able to help. I am working 3-4 days a week and I never have to worry about Travis being home alone to take care of the kids; it's wonderful! Once a week Trav and I are able to get out of the house together, thanks to his brother Mike and Mike's girlfriend, Shannon. We usually go for a bike ride, play catch with the softball, or go to Wal-mart to run errands, fun, I know! :)

My parents visited this month so Travis and I were able to go out for the night which was very nice. The kids miss their grandparents from Iowa, hopefully soon they'll be able to visit more often, right mom?

This Thursday the kids have their 6 month check-up and Saturday is family photos. If I'm able to I'll post pictures from those when we receive them.

Today we FINALLY got out the video camera and taped some footage of the kids. We are hoping to really take off with this video recording. I can't wait to play back some videos for their graduation!!! Can we say blackmail? :)

I must tend to babies, here are some of my favorite photos from the past month. Apparently this website is having troubles posting pictures, so I will add more later.

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