Monday, September 24, 2007

We're 5 months old

I can't believe it's already been a month since my last post. I am so sorry for the delay. We have since moved to Quincy, IL to be closer to Travis' family and our friends. We are enjoying the much needed help and visits from family and friends.

The babies are doing so well and getting very big. I think the biggest change is Karly. She's finally putting on some weight and is passing Anna in weight and height. This past weekend we were in Iowa and we weighed the kids on grandma and grandpa's scale and the following are the results: Nathan 18 pounds, Karly 16 pounds, and Anna 14 pounds. Nathan definitely looks like he's a few months older than the other two.

Karly has rolled from her back to her belly. It's quite a feat but she has succeeded and is very proud of herself. All three love to stand and be talked to. We're still waiting for the giggles to come, but we sure do enjoy the smiles!

Their 6 month visit is in a few weeks, I'll update at that point, I promise! In the mean time, here are some photos for you to enjoy.


Kristi said...

Hi Jenny-
Oh, the trips look adorable!! Wow- how are they 5 months already? Glad all is going well for you guys in Ill. We moved last week- still unpacking & probably will be for months!
Take Care!

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