Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer Fun

As much as we love summer, we're waiting for cooler days. Heat index has been 110 which keeps us inside with crazy, wild toddlers! The kiddos are doing great. We have so much fun with them...we are the ones that get entertained daily. Lately we feel like referees as one of the kids is always taking something away from another one. Karly likes to hit and Anna likes to bite. Nathan just gets into everything he shouldn't. In the past week Karly has taken a great interest in "reading" books. She'll bring one and expect to sit on your lap while she turns the pages. The kids are working on their animal noises and today we took them to see the ducks...well, as you will see in the photo, the ducks swarmed us when we walked towards the pond. Travis had the girls, I had Nathan and we RAN back to our van to keep from getting pecked! It was hilarious. The kids enjoyed throwing bread to the ducks from inside the van.

Here are the latest numbers on the kiddos: Anna is 18.2 pounds and 29 3/4" tall. Karly is 20.6 pounds and 30 3/4" tall. Nathan is 24.8 pounds and 32 1/2" tall. Here are some photos from the last month, hope you enjoy. Descriptions: Karly on the horse; Nathan having a sad moment; Karly's snot nose; Anna giving Apollo a hug; the kids "riding" in the blanket; Little Cardinals' fans; Karly and daddy reading; Anna in her dress and handsome Nathan.

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Anonymous said...

Ugggg yeah......you need some cub's outfits. I will have to email you some cute ones to pic from. Just kidding...but GO CUBS! My parents use to swing us in blankets like that. What fun!-Stephanie Heppe