Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Does this mean it is officially the end of summer? You wouldn't guess it by the weather here...low 90's. I have to admit, I'm ready for fall, I love that time of year.

This past week my folks visited from Iowa, we had a really nice visit. They watched the kids while we went to Chicago for a few days. The kids enjoy the time with Grandma and Papa and vice versa. I know it can be exhausting but mom and dad hang in there pretty well.

We found out yesterday that we won't be going to Iowa for awhile...we went to Bloomington (2 1/2 hour drive) to visit our friends Jen and Michelle and the kids screamed most of the way there and ALL the way back. Needless to say I had a breakdown after the kids went to bed (first ever but I'm sure more to come).

We took away pacifiers two weeks ago and the kids are doing great without them, thank God! Karly has now taken to pulling her hair when she's going to sleep. She has a bald spot on the left side of her head...hoping she'll grow out of it soon! Come to find out she's taking after Aunt Mandi who also pulled her hair as a toddler.

The kiddos are doing great otherwise. They continue to make us laugh and fill our hearts with joy. Dad made me a disc of some old photos, I've posted some here and there are some new photos as well. The kids wanted to look like Papa so they tried out the doo-rag, as you can see Nathan didn't enjoy his as much as the girls. Yes...we are going to try out the much as I don't want to I think there are certain situations for us that they'd come in the kiddos wear the backpacks around the house to get used to them. Karly in pigtails looking much older than she is. Nathan chillin' looking for trouble as always. Anna and her curled tongue sitting by the bush taking everything in as usual.

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