Monday, December 6, 2010

Life Is Good

Before visiting Santa, they were so excited. Not so excited to be by him though!

With their favorite person ever....Papa!

They are so excited for Santa to visit!

The kids saw photos of when they were bundled up in blankets as babies and wanted me to replicate it now!

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Sue, the kids were this for Halloween!

My fabulous friends get together for my birthday!

Playing dress up with their very good friend, Madison!

My good friend, Jessica, and I after finishing our first ever 1/2 marathon....more to come!

Our Halloween pumpkins!

Awww....sweet kiddos!

At the pool with our favorite cousins!

My little handsome man!

Karly in all her laughter!

Typical day for Anna...a baby in tow!

Kids on my friends boat, they had such a great time!

Summer fun, love these moments!

As we enter the Christmas holiday I reflect on the past 10 months. What a different direction our lives have gone. I have to say I am happier now than I have been in a very long time. I became a Christian and have become such a stronger woman, not only because I had to but because I wanted to. I have strengthened my girlfriend and family relationships which is so important to me.

The kids have done AMAZING! They have such a good relationship with their dad and look forward to seeing him any chance they get. The kids continue to surprise me with their wit and humor daily.

Karly is my little helper. Always by my side helping fold laundry, do dishes, and/or cook. She has an opinion about everything...she's quite the thinker and funny as can be!!! She also gives me my most struggles with discipline...she's always testing the line.

Nate is such a boy but can also be very lovey. He LOVES to watch TV and would all day if I let him. When he's not watching the tube he's usually pestering his sisters. Nate is interested in how things work and if given the chance will take most items apart. Currently, he's into shooting things with his pretend gun.

Anna is Anna. And for those of you that know her, that is exactly right. She loves her babies and is the best mommy to them. Very kind hearted. She's very observant of people's behavior. She's my easiest out of the three for discipline but not so much on sleeping. She would much rather be in my bed than her own.

This stage the kids are in is so much fun. I love watching them play and listening to their conversations...I marvel at their imaginations. They are always full of questions...very their mother! :)

Enjoy the photos, I will make a New Year's resolution to update this more often. Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a very safe, happy, and healthy 2011 Year.

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Paulette said...

beautiful family moments-thanks for sharing. Your 3 kids are precious-enjoy them while you can...teen years coming