Monday, April 19, 2010

We're 3

Nate on his big boy bike. He'll need to grow into it a little bit.
Anna on her bike. She rarely rides it, would rather walk around with her helmet and her water bottle.
Karly loves her bike. She took right off and loves to ride it any chance she can get.
Papa at the end of the week...very tired! He worked hard on the house and ran around with the kids.

Kids before having professional photos done, they did such a great job. Sat still and did what Tieraney asked of them.

Outside after the party, as you can see, the balloons were a hit!

The kids inside with Teagan before opening gifts.

My little tribe. Can you see Karly's personality here?

The kids really do play very well together. Not to say there aren't fights but very few and far between. I hope they continue to always be this close.

We had such a great 3rd birthday party! Beautiful weather and wonderful friends/family. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The kids received some very nice gifts. Getting their bikes they've been asking for since Christmas.

Meme and Papa were here all week getting the house ready for the celebration. As you can see by one of the photos, exhaustion usually sets in for mom and dad by the end of the week! hehehe They'll be back the end of May to watch the kids while I go on my annual girls trip; Mexico this year...yeah!!!

Kids are doing great as usual. I was thinking today, I'm still waiting for the "terrible 2s" to kick in. Some people say 3 is when it hits. I guess we'll see!

Enjoy the photos, I hope their smiles are as infectious for you as they are for me!

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