Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Year From Now

Last week I visited my friend Kristi who has 1 year old triplets, 2 girls and a boy. I caught myself wanting my babies to be a year old...wanting them to crawl, walk, smile, giggle, etc... Then I came home and as I woke them to feed they were so cuddly and then I came back to reality and savored the moment of them being tiny and loveable in my arms. Not to say they won't be loveable at a year old but who knows...

As I call Krisit my friend I realize I have only known here for 6 months and met with her for the first time Friday. But, when we have multiples it's almost an instant friendship. No matter where you came from before 3 babies we are all humbled and have so much in common after triplets. After chatting with Kristi for a couple hours we realized we have more in common than just 3 babies. She is moving to Cedar Rapids and will be missed here in Des Moines, hopefully one day we'll reunite. The link to her blog is on my home page, check it out, her children are adorable!!

Attached are some recent pictures. After bathes we like to take photos. Our last visitors, for awhile, were here last weekend, my cousin Cara and her very nice boyfriend, Chad. This weekend we are traveling to Quincy, so we'll see how our first get away goes. The babies love being in their car seats so hopefully the 4 1/2 drive will go smoothly.


Kristi said...

Hi Jenny-
You are so sweet!! You are right, there is such an instant friendship when you meet other multiple moms, even more that our babies are only 10 months apart! I really enjoyed our visit last Friday & maybe we can get one more visit in before we move. Like I said, don't be wishing for them to grow too fast, time flies by sooo fast. I enjoyed holding Anna & reminiscing about the days when my babies were tiny. You have so much to look forward to over the next year & you know I am always here to help or just to chat. I'm so glad we met & we will keep in touch.
Have a great trip to Quincy & give me a call when you get back & let me know how it all went.

hi my name is mommy said...

Yes, it is such a special sisterhood with other Mother's of Multiples. An instant understanding! I just found your blog, and looking at your tiny ones makes me think I could do it all over again! You are thinking of 1 year olds and I am wanting to go back to the days where they all fit on my lap. Now they fight for it! Your kids are so precious...great to find your blog:)