Saturday, July 14, 2007

We're 3 months old!

It's amazing how time flies, we can't believe the babies are already 3 months old. Last week we had our last visit with the home health nurse and the kids weights were: Nathan 11.9, Anna 10, and Karly 9.5 pounds. They're getting so big. Karly and Anna are starting to smile, other than when they're passing gas or dreaming. Nathan smiled some this morning so I'm hoping he'll come around this week. Every day is an adventure, one we could not do with out each other. I count my lucky stars to have Travis by my side...we really are a great team!

A friend of mine just had triplet boys. Each one of her boys was over 5!!!! Congrats to Julie! They'll have their website up soon and I'll put a link to it on my home page.

Here are some photos, I'm calling them their 3 month old photos, just a few days early. The first one is of Karly, doesn't she look like Travis? The next one is of Nathan, what a boy! And the 3rd is of Anna, who looks like her mamma! Three good babies, what a joy!


Kristi said...

Oh Jenny they are just adorable! I'm glad all is going well for you guys! Done with the home nurse, that is great!! Congrats to your friend Julie- WOW all over 5 lbs that is just super!
Maybe we can get together again soon. Next week doesn't work for us, but maybe the following?

Stephanie Hodgson (Schrage) said...

Those kids are so cute. I wish I could have caught up with you guys when you were in Quincy. I will have to see them all when you are here for Mike's wedding in Oct. The babies are coming too right??? I'm glad to see the kids are growing and staying healthy.

Could I get your e-mail address? Then I can send you guys wedding pics and stuff...

Ashleigh Vaughn said...

Your babies are so beautiful! I'm so glad to hear that things are going well! They are getting so big!! I love checking your website and watching the babies grow! So happy for you!!