Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We're 4 months old!

Well, I haven't done a great job of keeping this post updated, but as always I'll try better this next month. The babies just had their 4 month check up and Nathan was 14 pounds 15 oz, Anna was 11 pounds 15 oz, and Karly was 11 pounds 12 oz. They are all very healthy and doing well developmentally; up with other 4 month olds, but technically they're only 2 months on the development charts so we say they're ahead for their age!

We tried cereal this morning but the kids didn't take to it that well...we'll try again tomorrow. Once they get that down, we can go to fruits and veggies.

All three are sleeping anywhere from 8 to 11 hours at night, we are very lucky, as sleep deprivation is no longer a problem!

In the past month the babies have been quite the travelers. We visited our friends Sue and Jim in Peoria, Travis' family in Quincy, the State Fair (and took 4th in the least look alike contest), my family in northeast Iowa, and Aunt Deb's house to see family from out of town. We had our first picnic at Big Creek with family. In the past month, the babies have been full of smiles and laughs, which lights up our hearts every time. Just the past few days all three took to rolling from tummy to back, which they are very proud of. Now we can't keep them on their bellies as they're always rolling over!

I'm attaching some photos from the past month, I hope you enjoy them. If you are checking this blog and aren't on the list to be automatically notified of updates, email me and I'll add your email address to the list. I hope you had a great summer, now it's sit and wait time until winter!

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Anonymous said...

Those last three photos, the smiles, the bellies, and the tootsies, just made my day! Happy to hear that you are all well and will be groovin' in Quincy soon. XO Beth Thomas