Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October is here...

Karly and Anna "reading" on the sofa on one of our chilly days.
A rare moment...all three looking at the camera ...and SMILING!
Karly being goofy, notice the vein in her neck...just like Aunt Tracey.
Anna in all her glory. She's such a cheese ball.
Karly and Anna doing the monkey.

Karly with her cheesy grin, look at those teeth!
Cool, calm, relaxed least for that moment! :)
Anna Banana, picking flowers for Mommy.

October is here and the leaves are changing and so is the weather. As much as we are excited about cooler weather, we're definitely not ready for winter. We've been busy running after kids, playing referee, and laughing a lot at the hilarious things they do every day. Mom and dad visited last week and had a nice visit. Still uncertain when we'll go to Iowa due to traveling issues with the's still fresh in our minds! We'll attempt some time around Thanksgiving...keep your thoughts with us, please! The kiddos have been testing their limits and learning how to push our buttons. They know what "go to the corner" means and usually you'll find all three there even when only one is in trouble. Nathan is such a boy! He's aggressive, some times mean, and full of gas (hehehe). But he is mama's boy and loves to cuddle with me, to daddy's dismay. Karly is the leader of the pack. She's crazy, funny, and has chilled a lot over the last month. Anna continues to be our little peanut. She's very sensitive when it comes to her emotions, wanting to be held a lot by daddy. Anna sits back and watches what the others are doing before taking her next move, but watch out when she gets going, she can be as crazy as Karly if she wants to be. So far everyone is healthy, I'm hoping we can make it through the winter without any sickness. Travis continues to work on his schooling. He's in his core classes so school is requiring much more time nowadays. I'm still working weekends in the ER and love it! We're excited about our up coming trip to Vegas (Sept 27, 2009) for Travis' brother, Mike's, wedding...and no, the kids will not be going with us!!!
Have a great October, I'll post again after Halloween so you can see the kiddos' costumes. Take care!


Kristi said...

Hey Jenny~
LOVE the pictures!! Oh, the kiddos are getting big. They are just absolutely adorable!! Love the update, sounds like everyone is doing good. Sorry, you had/have traveling problems~ that can be hard. Good luck staying healthy this fall/winter season!
Take Care,
mom to 2 y/o BGG trips

mindy said...

Hey Jenny!
I can't believe how big the kids are. Wish we could have seen you when you were in town...Heard you had a rough trip. It's hard with 2, so I can only imagine one more. Miss you guys!