Wednesday, October 29, 2008

They're Getting So Big

Here's the first day of using the booster seats, notice Karly at the head of the table, enjoying every minute of it!
Anna playing with the "few" piles of leaves in our yard.

Nathan using the rake to move around the leaves.

Karly attempting to make her own pile of leaves.

The kids have learned to hold hands and dance and play Ring Around the's soooo cute!

Here's the new compartment that Trav built for all of our shoes on the back porch. As you can see, the kids enjoy it too!

I've decided to grow the girls' hair out, so working with the bangs is an issue. They sit real well for me to do their least for now.

We took the kids to Mill Creek Farms. Here's Nathan before he threw the gourd.

Every day it's amazing to me how fast the kids grow and how much they learn. Today while playing outside I was remembering how little they used to be and how big they are now. Just for a moment...I would like them 6 months old again and sleeping in my arms, looking at their angel faces so peaceful...but just for a moment! I love this age that they're at, so full of laughter and energy.

We've done away with the high chairs, the kiddos are now sitting at the table on booster seats and eating off of plates. We're slowly working on using utensils.

Travis is now part of the working world. He starts November 10th at Rinella Co. which delivers all Budweiser products to Quincy and surrounding areas. He's still doing school but feels the need to get back into the workforce. So...this means the kids will be going to daycare on Fridays for ~6 hours. I think it'll be good for them, but I'm very nervous about the whole transition for kiddos.

Halloween is in a few days, I will post some photos Saturday morning.


Kristi said...

Hi Jenny~
Oh my gosh, the kiddos are getting soooo big. They are just adorable! What are they going to be for Halloween? Remember how excited I was to see your babies & I said I wish mine were little, but just for a moment, I'd take maybe a day =).
Don't you just LOVE triplet "Ring around the Rosie" It's the BEST!
Thanks for the update!

Mindy said...

So cute! Maura loves Ring Around the Rosie. They'll have to play sometime!