Monday, November 10, 2008

Uncle Mike dressed up to scare the neighborhood kids and their parents.
Cousin Haley as a Diva. Cousin Grace as none other than Hannah Montana (saw a lot of them this year)
Nathan as a cow (saying, "Dad, please don't make me wear this!" )

Karly as a Pig. She loved every bit of Halloween. Head down, running to the next house.

Mary, Grace, Anna, Nathan, Karly, and Alec all ready for Halloween.

Anna as a duck with Cousin Grace. She was Miss Priss while trick-or-treating.

Cousin Mary as a Spider Web, cute as can be.

Cousin Alec as a pirate. He played his part well.

Kiddos carving the pumpkin with daddy on Halloween. Karly enjoyed the contents of the pumpkin.

Sorry this post is later than projected, this past weekend was nuts for us. We were in Iowa last week, the kids traveled much, much better. We stopped once on the way there at the Iowa City Mall to eat and play at the play area and on the way home we didn't stop at all...yeah!!! So, more visits to family and friends to come. Now we just have to find the time! Travis will be working M-F and me F-Su... not sure how we'll travel but we'll see! Hope this finds you in good spirits and ready for the holidays, we sure enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner at mom and dad's last week. :)

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