Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy December

Karly calming down after one of her many cries during the photo shoot.
One of the only good ones of the three of them, Anna was great for all of the group photos, Nathan looks worried in all of them, and Karly has a tear on her cheek in most of them.

Anna was a ham through the whole photo shoot.

Love this one...typical Nathan, getting into everything!

Karly cried most of the photo shoot, she's actually sitting on my leg during this one.

Peaceful Anna...I could eat those cheeks! :)

We've taught the kids how to wink...here's Karly's try at it...Nathan isn't that good, we told him he'd have to get it down if he wants to pick up the ladies! :)

Love Nathan's look at Anna...many more of those to come, I'm sure!

Here's our T-day photo, a little slanted I know, but the camera was propped on a pillow!

It's amazing how well the kids act when remotes are in hand, we should have given them during the photo shoot!
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we sure did! Spent time in Iowa the first part of November and then at Mike and Shannon's house for Thanksgiving Day. The food was wonderful and the company was great! The kids did so well around everyone, even without a nap.
We're getting ready for Christmas...the shopping is done and the house is decorated (try that with 3 toddlers running around....urghhhh!). We've had accumulation of snow already but it's been too cold to take the kids out, hopefully later this week. Their faces were priceless to see the snow falling and on the ground...wish I had the video recorder going.

The professional photos are back and there are some really good ones of the kids individually but it was so hard to get all three of them to cooperate. I'll post here a few as well as some from the last month.
If I don't get to post before Christmas, have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!


Mindy said...

They are so cute, and they are getting so big! The pictures turned out great. I have to take the girls soon. Hope they do as well as your kids did...

Bronwyn said...

The pictures are, as usual!! FANTASTIC!!! what a beautiful family you have!!!