Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Anna and Karly trying on daddy's work boots.
The kids enjoying their new table and chairs.
Nathan and mommy. What a momma's boy! :)
Nathan as him sweet self!
Best Friends Forever!
Aunt Tracey and Karly. Many people think Karly looks like her aunt.
This is where most of the ornaments ended the kids' mouths. Today all ornaments are on the top half of the tree.
Those candy canes, believe or not, or supposed to be ON the tree!
Daddy's girl!
Sweet Anna wearing Santa's hat.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We have had several sickness the past 2-3 weeks, so we're ready for the holidays to be over and get everyone on the mend. We're happy to say that my mom is home and feeling much better. She needs to get strong so they can come have "Christmas" with us and the kids.
The kiddos enjoyed opening their gifts. We did not take them to see Santa, we figured we'd save ourselves the crying fits! :) Maybe next year, we'll see. As this year comes to a close we look back and realize how big the kids are getting and how much our lives have changed. We are so fortunate to have our three little angels in our lives...we wouldn't change a thing! I'm always thankful for Travis, as he is the rock to our family. He's an amazing father and a wonderful husband who I'm very lucky to be able to share my life with.

We've had some weird weather so far this season, today it's 58...hoping it'll melt all the ice layers so we can start over.
Hope this find you happy and in good health. Have a wonderful and safe New Year's. We'll post more next year!!! Enjoy the photos.

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Mindy said...

The pictures are too cute! Your kids are getting so big, and I think they are such a good mix of you and Travis.
Anna's picture with santa hat is absolutely adorable!