Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almost 2

Karly and her "adult" reading material.
Nathan looking for trouble.
Anna holding on to her baby for dear life.

Best buds!

Anna pushing her baby in the stroller.

Kids looking at the "no" (snow).

Snack time. Notice Nathan ditched his pants...a daily occurrence!

Best friends forever!

Okay, okay, okay...I get the message...I need to get another post on here before the kids turn 2. Sorry it's been awhile, doesn't seem that I can find the time anymore.
Everyone is doing great. We are sick free...for now. We've had the flu go through the house 3 times and countless days with non-stop runny noses. We're trying to keep the kids out of daycare as much as possible with the help of Aunt Angela. I've stopped the weekender plan at work and am per diem basically I make my own hours. It works well for us so I can have some time off on the weekends to spend with Travis and the kids and I can work as little or as much as I want.
I'm sure everyone living in the Midwest is ready for spring. We have terrible cabin fever. Today was 64 and we were outside for most of the day. Temps are supposed to drop over the weekend and then be back to "normal" next week. I'm anxiously awaiting a girls trip to FL in May. A much needed trip for my mommy friends! :)
The kiddos continue to make us smile and laugh on a daily basis. They amaze us with their ability to learn...they're like sponges...taking in EVERYTHING and putting it to work. Each day brings new discoveries and their vocabularies continue to grow. We laugh at their little voices and can't wait for the day of full sentences and ability to understand at least 90% of what they are saying.
Anna is very "motherly". She has a baby at all times in her hand and no one is able to take it away without a fight. She's always putting a blanket on her baby and giving it rides in her stroller. Anna still has a bit of stranger anxiety...mostly towards men...not sure why b/c she's a major daddy's girl. Maybe that's why b/c she only wants her daddy. To date she is finally big enough to be face forward in the vehicle at a whopping 22 pounds.
Karly is a character. From her facial expressions to her movements she is a ham. We bet she'll be the class clown and the athletic one. She is still our best sleeper so far but at times has night terrors...waking up screaming and throwing a fit in the middle of the night. Karly and Nathan are pals, they are almost always together and can be caught picking on Anna. Karly loves to read and will be the one to bring a book and want to "weed". She weighs in at 25 pounds and is tall and skinny.
Nathan...what do I say? :) He's a bruiser...he's a BOY! Loves to wrestle with daddy and pick on the girls. Anything they have he wants. He's a great sleeper and needs to be held for a bit and loved after he wakes (which I definitely don't mind cuddling). Apollo (our dog) is his best bud...Nathan can be found walking the house calling for "Pollo". Nathan weighs 30 "big, sturdy" pounds. He's built...if that's possible at 22 months.

The kids' new thing is to drag their folding chairs around the house to help us wash dishes ("bubbles") or cook to watching Apollo or the neighbor's dogs outside. Silence is not a good thing when the kids are awake. Usually means their in the lazy susan getting out "nacks" or playing with something they are not supposed to have (phone, remote, monitor, the list goes on).

Hope you enjoy the photos, the next post will be after their 2nd birthday, April 16th!


Kristi said...

hey jenny~
great update! omg, they are getting so big! just crazy, how are they almost 2??? sounds like everyone is doing great & they are a lot of fun... yes, i totally understand, silence is few & far between when they are awake =)
so, big plans for birthday #2? what's the theme? ok, i hope everyone stays healthy, we are also anxiously awaiting spring, take care.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Are they really going to be 2??? Where did the time go?? On the other hand it feels like i was just giving birth to mason and he will be 1 on march 21st...hey if you are going to be in town you should come and bring the is at the childrens museam in bloomington. anyway, great pics and love the blog as always...Steph H.

Katie said...

They are so big!! I can't believe how grown up they are looking now!

Mindy said...

They are changing so much! They definitely aren't babies anymore. Hopefully, we'll be able to get together next time you're in town. Take care!