Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're 2

Nate trying on Daddy's shorts.
The kids "acting" like they're sleeping...looks like Nate actually might be!

The BIGGEST gift of the day...big wheels and a trike!

Happy Birthday Buddie, don't you look handsome! (they love to put their hands in their pockets)

Happy Birthday sweet Anna!
Happy Birthday Karly, you are so beautiful and funny!
Happy Easter! The kiddos did great at the egg hunt.

Auntie Michelle and Aunt Jen...gosh we miss you guys!
Peters' family photo...a rare occasion!
Karly all packed up to go. Every once in awhile she'll do this...whether it's on the bed, the chair or in her wagon, she'll pile everything in sight in that spot (notice the two bears on her back).

Anna in the recycling bin. Don't ask me what possessed her to do this. Thank goodness we had just received it and it was clean!
Karly and her goofy self, she was probably jabbering in this photo.

Nate and his pockets again! :)
Anna loves this has a hat, buttons, and pockets!

Anna being silly outside.

Karly...can you just hear her giggle?
"Mommy, I don't know how I got these marks on me!" This would be a result of me being on facebook and not watching the kids close enough....darn Facebook!

Karly's cheesy grin!
Another rare occasion....

Can you believe the kiddos are 2? Some days we think the time has flown, other days we feel like they should be turning 16! :) We had a wonderful day with great family and friends to spend it with. The weather cooperated so we could eat and play outside...we've been lucky to have had beautiful weather the past 3 years, I'm sure one of these years we'll have a snow storm on their birthday. The kids received a ton of gifts and ended up playing with the balloon bouquets the most! (of course) hahaha
Not much has changed since the last post. Anna and Nathan have since had their first ear infections. It's so weird neither one of them were pulling at their ears...just fevers we couldn't break and not acting like themselves. We are all better now, thank God!
Karly talks up a storm and if we can't understand her she gets pretty frustrated, so to prevent a meltdown, we "act" like we understand her most of the time. Anna had her first day of potty training today (thanks to Julie, Cindy, Ron, and Al for the potty chairs) and she did pretty good. We went through ~13 pairs of underwear and made it to the potty in time on 3 different occasions which resulted in 1 Reese's peanut butter piece each time. Nate is still Nate. I often think he gets overshadowed by the girls, he just kind of hangs back and chills. Not to say at times he can get a little wild! :)
We'll be walking Saturday in our local March of Dimes walk. If you're interested in sponsoring our family go to and our team name is JPETERS5. We hope that you can contribute in your community to help make all babies that are born healthier.
Hope this post finds you well. Enjoy spring and look forward to summer! FINALLY!


Mindy said...

They are getting too big! Looks like they had a good 2nd birthday. Hugs to all!

ABIGAIL said...

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