Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter 2009

Posing for Christmas card photos...Anna, Nate, and Karly.
Anna, after her first professional haircut, dressed up for Mike and Shannon's reception

Karly, after her first professional haircut, dressed up for Mike and Shannon's reception, with a tootsie roll in her mouth.

The girls before they got their hair cut with their babies...of course!

The fam at our friends in Bloomington.

Nate with Jen's motorcycle...look at that grin!

The kids with their pumpkins. They were so proud of those this year and had a great time painting them and themselves, with daddy's help.

The kids at Halloween, dressed up as the same as last year, but the girls switched outfits.

The girls today with their "piggytails".

The kids with the new Christmas tree. Now if we can only keep our hands off of it! :)

Nate on his big boy bed.
Karly with mommy's glasses on doing my homework.

It's been almost 8 months since our last post. We've been using Facebook to post photos but have several requests from people who aren't on Facebook to update our blog. Plus, this is a bit more personal.
We continue to stay busy with the kids but it's getting easier in many areas. The kiddos are potty trained during the day and go by themselves. Still wearing diapers during nap and bed time. It's been easier than we thought so far! Nate's in a big boy bed and the girls are in toddler more cribs...thank goodness! Anna will get up 2-3 times a night but will go back to bed with little redirection.
Karly continues to be Miss Independent and our challenge at times. She gets very frustrated with tasks she can't complete by herself and doesn't like to ask for help. She is definitely are best "talker". Always making us laugh with her quirkiness.
Nathan is such a little boy. He's learned how to pester his sisters and make them scream. Continues to be our best sleeper and is quite the little cuddle bug. Nate likes his trucks and balls but will be right there with the girls playing babies.
Anna is still our littlest. She is such a sweety and plays well with the other two. She LOVES her babies and any other babies she can get her hands on.

So far we've all been healthy this flu season. Trying to keep the kiddos out of public areas as much as possible. However they occassionaly go to daycare so mommy can pick up some extra hours at work.
Travis finished his bachelor's degree and has started his master's online. He continues to work full-time and enjoys what he does. He gets out of the house on Wednesdays for bowling night...his only salvation! :)
I am still working in the ER but work part-time every Saturday and Sunday which is nice to have the whole week off with the kids. I am so lucky to have this opportunity to be with the kids. It's hard not to have more time with Travis, but we know this is a temporary sacrifice.

It's hard to believe the kids are 2 1/2. I look at them some times and wonder how they got to be so big. The days of them being tiny are slowly leaving my mind. But our minds are being filled with new memories every day with smiles, hug, kisses and laughter.
We hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and a Happy 2010! Thank you for all the support and prayers over the past 3 years.


Tieraney Craig said...

Jenny, I know I've only met you a couple times while taking pictures of the kids, but every time I read your blog I get so inspired! I look at you and Travis and think... Wow! They really did it with triplets. My husband and I just have a little boy who is 1 1/2 but juggling the career, the little guy and having time for my husband can be challenging to say the least and I only have one! I guess I'm just stopping in to say thanks for the update. I love following the blog. I also wanted to let you guys know I'll be opening a studio soon here in town along Maine street here hopefully within the next two months or so. After it's all done, I would LOVE to have the kids come in and model for me. The session would be free. You guys totally deserve it as parents of three little ones! Keep up the inspiring work... your children are beautiful! ~Tieraney Craig

Anonymous said...

Jenny- The kids are beautiful and look sooo happy! In almost all of those photos I can see my on son and his behavior.....isn't it amazing that we are able to have such miracles??? We are so blessed! Miss you guys...would love to try and get together next time you are in town. I just missed you on your last visit. i called jen and michelle on the way back from our trip to decatur to see about getting together and you guys had just left. i assumed you would be there all weekend. oh well, i guess i should have called sooner. Also can you change your blog address for me to, so that i keep getting it? Thanks. Take care and have a wonderful christmas!!

Love Stephanie Heppe