Saturday, April 10, 2010

Almost 3

Waiting to be seated at Hickory Park.
Do you think I could send this to Pringles for advertisement?

The girls and their Meme
RIP Apollo, we miss you!
The kids during their visit from Auntie Michelle and Auntie Jen.
Nate going through his eggs.
Anna trying to find her "money, money"
Karly has such a sweet tooth like her mommy.

Nathan sat his basket down and brought the eggs to it.
Anna and Karly finding eggs. They were so concerned that the Easter bunny didn't stay to see them.
Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. I plan to do more, I promise!

The kids will be 3 next week and it doesn't seem possible. Some times it's hard to remember them as babies. This morning I looked back at all the previous postings and had some wonderful flashbacks.
As most of you know Travis and I have gotten a divorce. For now the kids are handling the situation like superstars. They love going to daddy's place. Travis and I have a good relationship going which is the best for the kids. We try to keep them on a consistent schedule as far as visitation. I was hoping for a different outcome but it didn't work out. I guess all things happen for a reason, still trying to figure out the reason for this. But, the kids keep me going and each day is getting easier. The nights when the kids go to bed or the days I am without them are my toughest, but I will conquer....GUARANTEED!

So, now to the kids....Man are they fun!!!! I am loving this age, so pure and full of innocence...okay, not completely but for the most part.

Karly continues to be the spit fire. Very talkative and funny. Her personality is very outgoing. She jokes a lot and can be sarcastic at out! She's the one in the corner the most, I think Anna and Nate are already learning from her mistakes! haha

Nathan continues to be such a boy. It's amazing what that different chromosome can do. He's my little man and loves to cuddle with me any chance he can get. Since he was born he's been my best eater and sleeper and continues to be to this day.

Anna is still my tiniest of the three. Very soft hearted, kind, and caring. She loves her babies...very motherly. Takes after her momma. Of the three she is completely potty trained (even at night). Karly and Nate are except at night. Hoping to conquer that feat next week. It will mean letting them get out of bed at night to go the bathroom, not sure I'm ready for that or not!

I'm still working the weekend shift in the ER. Every Saturday/Sunday and have started picking up one day during the week (depends on when I can catch an 8 hour open shift). My friends have been amazing through the past several months, not sure what'd I do without them. And of course, mom and dad are my rock. Wishing we lived closer but at this time cannot be. I am still able to get out of the house and have some me time which is so important right now.

We are sooooooooooo looking forward to spring and summer. So much to explore outside! Hoping this finds you doing well, enjoy the photos and I will post more after their birthday next week.

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